Make trade fair!

What’s wrong with world trade?

Trade can be a powerful engine for reducing poverty. But rich countries dominate the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is where global trade rules are negotiated. And they set rules under which poor countries continually lose out.

Wealthy nations have double standards too – forcing poorer countries to keep to rules they don’t obey themselves. The result? Trade robs poor people of a proper living and keeps them trapped in poverty.

Labour rights matter

Globalisation and trade have drawn millions of people in developing countries into paid work. Their labour is contributing to rising global prosperity and to the profits of some of the world’s most powerful companies. But many of these workers are still living in poverty even though they have paid jobs.

For example, workers producing for companies like Nike, adidas, Puma, Asics, FILA, Mizuno, New Balance and Umbro, often endure low wages and long hours in sweatshop conditions.

Oxfam are part of a global campaign to persuade companies and governments to respect workers’ rights.

Oxfam is campaigning to:

  • Stop the United States and European Union dumping subsidised farm products in the developing world that ruin the livelihoods of local farmers
  • Stop rich countries from forcing developing countries to prematurely open their economies to agricultural imports
  • Improve the price paid to small farmers for their coffee as part of our Fairtrade coffee campaign
  • Make sure that trade agreements between rich countries such as ours and poorer countries do not undermine the lives and livelihoods of poor people
  • Make sure that companies and governments respect workers’ rights in the developing world

Supporting Oxfam


The Wishing Well was established in 2010 to offer children in out-of-home care, such as foster care and residential care, a range of healing and treatment options usually not accessible as a free therapy in mainstream health.

The Wishing Well raises funds to enable children and young people to access developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed treatments shown to be highly effective in dealing with severe trauma and neglect. These therapies respond to the unique needs of each child and young person.

The Wishing Well is a not-for-profit incorporated charity organisation, established and managed by people seeking to improve outcomes for children and young people in out-of-home care and their families.

The Wishing Well operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support such organisations as Amnesty International as they encompass similar ideals.

The Wishing Well gratefully receives donations, funding and resources through bequests, corporate partnerships, fundraising events, grants, online donations and other fund raising activities. Please see our website for more information:


How you can help


You can join with Oxfam and help make trade fair

Oxfam are demanding new trade rules and justice for the developing world, now. Join in the fight and download the Fairtrade coffee action kit (PDF, 189KB) and run your own campaign in your workplace, office or community group.

Become a Campaign Partner and they will make sure your call to make trade fair is heard in the centres of power – the United Nations, corporate boardrooms, governments, the World Bank and beyond.

Closer to home, you can shape world trade by becoming a Fairtrade shopper.

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