You can help Avaaz stop dolphin hunting in Peru

Dolphins in distress

More than 10,000 dolphins are being killed every year in Peruvian waters. The dolphins are being slaughtered to be used solely as shark bait, despite the practice being outlawed by the South American country.

“In recent years, there’s been an upsurge in the targeting of sharks. The shark meat is predominantly consumed within Peru, but the fins we’re told are being exported to the Far East for use as shark fin soup.” – Jim Wickens, an investigative journalist with the Ecologist Film Unit.

In Peru dolphin hunting is officially illegal and the crime is theoretically punishable with several years in prison. However, it appears that authorities are turning a blind eye, according to the Ecologist Film Unit.

Despite the law prohibiting the human consumption and sales of dolphin meat, the animal conservation group Mundo Azul asserts there’s been weak law enforcement and lack of awareness.

Avaaz’s efforts

“Our oceans are under attack. Sharks and dolphins already face threats from pollution, climate change and entanglement in fishing gear. They play an important role as ocean predators and need to be protected — not butchered. Many marine ecosystems are on the verge of collapse from which they won’t recover and they will not wait while our politicians dither around making empty statements.” – Avaaz statement on the Peru dolphin massacre

Avaaz has put together a petition to the Government of Peru:

“To the Minister of Environment Manuel Gerardo Pedro Pulgar-Vidal Otálora, the Minister of Production Gladys Mónica Triveño Chan Jan, and President Ollanta Humala:

Through this petition we demand you enforce the law with regards to the hunting and sale of dolphins for food and bait in Peru. We have all witnessed through various publications and images the terrible crime that happens on our shores. According to information published, 15,000 dolphins a year in are being killed in Peru. Don’t destroy our ocean. There is no going back. We ask you to STOP THESE ACTS and make those responsible pay. We do not ask for miracles.”

Supporting Avaaz

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The Wishing Well operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support such organisations as Avaaz as they encompass similar ideals.

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How you can help

Support Avaaz and sign the petition to stop the hunting of dolphins in Peru:

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