Avaaz’s innovative idea to stop Monsanto

The source of our planet’s food is under threat

Ten agro-chemical firms own 73% of the commercial seed market, and as many as 93% of seed varieties have gone extinct. In the US alone 85% of apple varieties have disappeared.

“Monsanto and co. are privatising the genesis of nature. And this corporate takeover is decimating sustainable farming, destroying the diversity of our crops, and making them vulnerable to diseases that could threaten our food security.” – Avaaz


After more than 100 years in business, Monsanto’s name has become synonymous with greed, arrogance, corruption and poison. In a stunning display of calculated callousness of the impact that their products have on the human health and the planet, Monsanto is responsible for some of the most lethal chemicals known to history, including Agent Orange, PCBs, and DDT. The products they produce, genetically engineered foods and chemical weed killers, are in more than 70% of the processed foods that we eat and feed our families every day. – Huffington Post

Avaaz’s revolutionary idea – a global non-profit online seed exchange

Farmers have been saving seeds in banks and barns across the world. Now they have devised a revolutionary project — a global non-profit online seed exchange where any farmer, anywhere can source a wide variety of plants for free, giving them an alternative to the genetically modified seeds sold by chemical companies. They have called on Avaaz to help them in this campaign.

“This could be the most innovative agricultural idea in decades and the best way to stop Monsanto.” – Avaaz

Supporting Avaaz

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How you can help

Avaaz’s campaign aims to raise enough money to help the farmers launch the online site, support seed storing in key countries, finance marketing and advertising, and fund the legal defence to fight back against Monsanto.

“This global online exchange could re-flood the market with all kinds of seeds and slowly break the monopoly that is putting our food future at risk!” – Avaaz

Support Avaaz, the farmers, and the global seed exchange:



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