Pledge to say no to animals used in rodeos

Cruel form of entertainment

For the mere sake of ‘entertainment’, animals in rodeos are physically provoked into displaying ‘wild’ behaviour which can result in severe injuries and even death. Due to the undeniable cruelty, rodeos are completely banned in Britain and in parts of Europe and the United States — but not in Australia.

Tormenting frightened and unwilling animals in an attempt to demonstrate the ‘brute strength’ of man is a spectacle that has no place in modern society. – Animals Australia

Animals suffering for the show

Rodeos are a cruel spectator sport, condemned by all animal protection organisations, in which bulls, horses and sometimes other animals are physically provoked into displaying ‘wild’ behaviour by the use of such devices as spurs, electric prods and flank straps. Rodeo animals suffer many kinds of injuries, and are sometimes killed or have to be destroyed.

“The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle.”

  • Veterinarian
    on attending an Australian rodeo

Animals Australia seeks to ban rodeos in Australia

Rodeos would not be financially viable without sponsors, and Animals Australia has already convinced many Australian companies, including Telstra and Kmart, to withdraw their sponsorship of rodeos in recognition of the endemic animal welfare problems. They can persuade other sponsors to make a similar ethical commitment, but they depend on us to report rodeo sponsors to them.

Supporting Animals Australia

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How you can help

There are a number of ways you can join with Animals Australia and help ban rodeos.

1] Click here to sign the pledge to ‘Say No to Rodeos’, and ask your family and friends to do the same.

2] Call for an end to one of the cruellest rodeo events: calf roping.

3] Write to your local MP, as well as your local newspaper, stating the facts about the cruelty of rodeos and why they should be banned (Note: Rodeos are permitted in all States, and the NT, but not in the ACT).

4] Report rodeo sponsors.

5] Send this page to people you know who have attended rodeos, so that they too will understand the cruelty behind this barbaric ‘entertainment’.

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