You can help protect the civilians of Iraq

What’s happening in Iraq?

Hundreds of thousands of people belonging to religious minorities as well as other groups have been forced to leave their homes following the advance of the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham – ISIS) fighters into towns and villages in northern Iraq since June.

The impact of ISIS

On 2 August the forces of the IS took over Sinjar, in the north of Iraq. Since then, thousands of civilians from Sinjar and its environs, mainly belonging to the Yezidi community, have fled the area and are seeking refuge in other areas, especially the KRG and Syria, after having been stranded for days in the mountains with no food and water. Many of those displaced since June are trying to reach the Kurdistan Region of Iraq or are currently sheltered there by friends or families.

How can we help?

The US and European governments have announced the delivery of humanitarian aid to those displaced by the conflict. Humanitarian aid started arriving after mid July, and it has reached some in need, but new attacks on civilians continue being reported, displacing more people every day. Therefore it is essential that International assistance and a concerted action from the international community, the Government of Iraq and the KRG is taken to meet the needs of displaced persons. Meanwhile, the US has initiated military action in Iraq against IS, including air strikes, and other countries have announced providing military support to the Iraqi and Kurdish governments for their operations against IS.

Supporting Amnesty International

The Wishing Well was established in 2010 to offer children in out-of-home care, such as foster care and residential care, a range of healing and treatment options usually not accessible as a free therapy in mainstream health.

The Wishing Well raises funds to enable children and young people to access developmentally-appropriate and trauma-informed treatments shown to be highly effective in dealing with severe trauma and neglect. These therapies respond to the unique needs of each child and young person.

The Wishing Well is a not-for-profit incorporated charity organisation, established and managed by people seeking to improve outcomes for children and young people in out-of-home care and their families. The Wishing Welll recognises the importance of the act of giving. We recognise the significance of the participation of community members and all donations are most appreciated.

The Wishing Well operates ethically, effectively and empathically with a view to achieving quality outcomes and a satisfying working environment, and as such we support organisations that encompass similar ideals.

The Wishing Well gratefully receives donations, funding and resources through bequests, corporate partnerships, fundraising events, grants, online donations and other fund raising activities. Money donated to The Wishing Well enables traumatised children access to healing therapies. Please see our website for more information:

How you can help

Amnesty International is sending our messages to the President of the Republic of Iraq, Fuad Masum, and the Minister of Interior in the KRG, Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari. You too can send your message to call for the protection of civilians in Iraq:


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