You can help ban the Taiji dolphin hunt

What’s happening?

In Taiji, a small fishing village in Japan, thousands of dolphins are being herded into a cove and slaughtered. These dolphins are killed with permits given to the fishermen from the Japanese government.

“This modern day atrocity has also been captured on film and is the subject of the Academy Award winning documentary ‘The Cove’. Yet worldwide condemnation has yet to convince the Japanese government that this brutal butchering should end.” – Animals Australia

The reasons given by officials for the killings are varied – some say they are killed for their meat, though the meat shows very high levels in mercury and is then sold to school children. Other officials say it is a form of ‘pest control’. Investigations have also directly linked the dolphin hunt to a lucrative trade in dolphins for marine parks and aquarium life.

No matter the reasons, there is no excuse for this extreme cruelty that doesn’t take into account how important and intelligent dolphins are.

What can we do?

The Labor party and the Coalition are refusing to condemn this brutal slaughter, and so it’s up to Australian citizens to speak up for the dolphins in Japan.

Animals Australia’s efforts

Animals Australia are coordinating an action for the Japan Tourism Agency. You can add your name to the cause by signing the letter to send to the Japan Tourism Agency, making your views heard.

“The picturesque beauty of Taiji, could well become a tourist hotspot creating employment and income for local people if the government took a stand to end the killing. Japan will be applauded worldwide when this decision is finally made, and many tourists, including myself, will arrive on your doorstep.” – Animals Australia

Supporting Animals Australia

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How you can help

Help ban the Taiji dolphin hunt by sending your message to the Japan Tourism Agency.

“The beauty and culture of Japan is only strengthened by its amazing wildlife and this should be promoted not destroyed.” – Animals Australia


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