Join with Greenpeace to save the Orangutans and their habitat


What’s happening?

As much as 80 per cent of the world’s forests have been destroyed or irreparably degraded. Our ancient forests are looted every day to supply cheap timber and wood products to the world. The price we pay for this destruction is escalating climate change, biodiversity loss and community dis-placement. Indonesia has lost 72 per cent of its ancient forest, Papua New Guinea 60 per cent and the Solomon Islands is predicted to lose all of them by 2014.

Last month, Greenpeace volunteers dressed as Orangutans decided to pay PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson a little visit to their Australian headquarters in Sydney. Their plan was to deliver the 30,000+ Australian signatures calling on each of these brands to come through on their “no deforestation” promises and to show those companies that Australian consumers demand better, adding pressure on global executives to take the urgent action required to break the link between deforestation and palm oil.

The forests are home to millions of people and around two-thirds of all plant and animal species found on land. Our remaining ancient forests are some of the most diverse ecosystems known to science, but ancient forests around the world are under attack. Without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot sustain life.

Greenpeace’s efforts

The Indonesian forests are in desperate need of our protection and brands like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson who use palm oil must start delivering real change. Together, Greenpeace has put pressure on these brands and held them accountable – which as citizens, consumers and activists, is exactly what we need to do.

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

Greenpeace is campaigning to save the last remaining ancient forests and end illegal and destructive logging in our region. Join them in their goal to reach zero deforestation by 2020.


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