Join with Animals Australia to demand animals not be treated as ‘waste products’


What’s happening?

The dairy industry is one of the least understood animal industries, responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of unwanted baby calves to slaughter every year. Only a public outcry can bring hope for a kinder future for these calves.

The dairy industry enjoys a carefully crafted public image that leaves many consumers with visions of happy animals and green rolling hills. In reality this tenuous image masks a history of animal abuse, which continues unabated due to a lack of public awareness.

Many milk drinkers are shocked to learn that dairy cows are kept almost continually pregnant in order to maximise their production of milk — milk that nature intended for their baby calves. Once born, bewildered calves are separated from their grieving mothers and routinely killed as ‘waste products’ before they are even a week old. Already born to a terrible fate, the dairy industry recently lobbied government to prevent reforms, and it remains legally permissible to withhold liquid food from these unwanted calves for the last 30 hours of their lives as they are trucked and prepared for slaughter.

Animals Australia’s efforts

The dairy industry has long operated under a veil of secrecy. They know that many consumers of milk would find the callous treatment of bobby calves completely unacceptable and rethink their financial support of the industry. If the treatment of bobby calves is to improve, it is imperative that the industry becomes accountable and for the public to exercise their consumer power.

Supporting Animals Australia

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How you can help

Please show Dairy Australia that the community is watching and that informed consumers will never accept the callous treatment of thinking, feeling animals as mere ‘waste products’.

“As a consumer who likes to be able to make informed decisions, I am alarmed to discover the apparent disregard for the welfare of these vulnerable animals. Such a betrayal of trust will tarnish the dairy industry’s public image, unless positive steps are made to ensure these calves are treated more humanely.”


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