Join with Greenpeace to call on the Government to label our fish


What’s happening?

Australians want to buy sustainable, locally caught fish. While most of us think we’re eating Australian seafood, about 72% of what we eat is imported. Around the globe many fish stocks are declining. Poor practices in some fisheries are threatening fish species, destroying habitats and undermining workers’ rights. Consumer health is at risk. For example some shark species contain high levels of mercury, but because of poor labelling people eat it unaware of the consequences. Australia’s weak seafood labelling laws mean we’re eating in the dark.

“Australia’s seafood labelling laws are weak. We should know what fish we’re eating, where it’s from and how it was caught.” Matthew Evans, Chef

Greenpeace’s efforts

Citizens of the European Union already enjoy clear seafood labelling. With better labelling we’ll be able to choose sustainable seafood that’s good for our health and good for our oceans. The Label My Fish Campaign is designed to see new Australian laws requiring more complete and accurate information on seafood labels, in particular; what species of fish it is; where it is from and; how it was caught or farmed.

“Giving consumers more information about what fish they’re buying and eating will help our oceans and local fishers.” – Heidi & Pavo Walker, Walker Seafoods Australia

Supporting Greenpeace

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How you can help

Join with Greenpeace to campaign for accurate labels on our fish.

Tell the Federal Government: I want to know what seafood I am eating – and demand accurate labelling. Send your message today:

“I do not want to purchase seafood which might be unhealthy, caught or farmed using unsustainable fishing methods, or produced under unacceptable labour and human rights conditions. I am also keen to buy local seafood, which in turn supports Australian fishers and their local communities.

Please develop effective laws which require labelling of:

  • what fish it is
  • where it was caught
  • how it was caught or farmed.”




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